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As most of you know,  the UPS  Peak Season is upon us.  Over the next several weeks,  many of you will be hauling for UPS ; whether that’s  pop-ups or packages.  Mercer will see a large increase in miles offered to us by UPS this year,  primarily because we provide exceptional on time service.

Something that we need to improve  upon  this year  is our communications .  For the first time, Mercer  is staffing a UPS Peak Team  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   This team will handle everything  that is UPS related.   We are making a bigger commitment to serving UPS,  and you can do something to  help .

A good number of drivers have smartphones.  For the past several months, some of our  drivers  have been using these smartphones to scan and send in paperwork through the TripPak Mobile app.  This app has another feature that  can be helpful during the UPS Peak Season .  The  uFollowit app is built into the TripPak Mobile application.   uFollowit can be used to track shipments via the  GPS device that is built into  a smartphone.  Once activated, the  uFollowit app will send  location updates to Mercer as  frequently  as every 5 minutes while you’re on the move .   Quite a few drivers  are already using the app.

To use this app, simply make sure that the TripPak Mobile app is downloaded to your phone.   Once the app is registered, switch the “Auto Status” option from ” Off”  or ” Normal”  to “Priority”.  Below are examples of what this option looks like on an Apple, and an Android:

Apple Iphone:

Android:  Turn phone sideways to view

Once the Auto Status is  set to Priority, go to the  Main  Menu (pictured below)  and click on  Pick Up , indicating that you have picked up a load.  As your phone is moving during the trip, Mercer will receive GPS location updates, and we will be able to provide real-time information to UPS.  Once your trip is completed, click on ” Delivery” to  indicate you have made your final delivery and are finished with the load.  Here is a view of the screen on the iPhone with the  Pick Up and  Delivery options.  If you look at the Android screen-shot (above), you will see that these  options are on the same screen as the “Auto Status” option.

If you use this app, we’ll know where you are, and that will limit the amount of calls that we need to make to you, and allow us to give quick updates to UPS.


  1. Jane Danger
    November 15, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    After just completing one of those GPS loads here is a helpful hint: the phone using the App must have the same phone# assigned in computer with coordinator. We had to temp change our contact # to mine rather than Dan’s because I have the smartphone, he does not. Hope this helps future users.

  2. CHUCK
    November 18, 2011 at 2:27 am


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