My final LKY inspection trip of 2011 will be to the TPA office, Plant City, FL on Monday November 14 and Tuesday November 15. I will be there 7:30 until 5:00 both days. If you need a Louisville inspection before the end of the year and you don’t want to go to Louisville, this is your last chance to have it done in the field. It is important that either you or your truck coordinator contact my Administrative Assistant, Michelle Scott, and get put on my “guest list”. I will be doing Hazmat recerts and safety briefings along with the inspections. Safety briefings earn a 10 point credit on our scoring system.

Many drivers have asked if I will again be conducting seminars for Mercer people during the Mid-America Trucking Show in March, 2012. The correct answer is “absolutely!”. They were a big hit last year and we are planning on doing three new ones this year. Due to the high turnout, we are planning on offering each one twice on Wednesday. There will be a 10 point credit for each. No, Big Ron, you can’t go to each one twice and double your points.

At this point, most of our folks are “getting it” about CSA. It’s tough, but the majority of our drivers have no problem with it. However, if you are still getting write-ups for logs, speeding, defective tires, cargo securement or brake adjustment, you haven’t quite figured it out. You need to take this stuff seriously. Warnings count. Everything counts. Carriers, including Mercer, have no other option than to part company with drivers who cannot get clean inspections. Bad inspections hurt everyone, including those who do things right. I don’t like the fact that the everyone gets red PrePass lights when a small minority can’t get it right, or refuse to do things right. It’s not fair to the majority of our contractors. If you can’t stay at or below the posted speed limit, if you can’t log current and legal, I urge you to truck someplace else. Mercer is for the best of the best. We are not interested in anybody else. Be safe.

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