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Mobile Phone Scanning. A Detailed View. Just For You.

Alright guys, I know this is a little late but…better late than never. We have finally been able to pin point images scanned in via mobile scanning and what phone is being used. Our imaging dept. has so graciously been compiling this information for us for some time now. Scrolling through this post you will be viewing images that have come to us via Tippak and using the smart phones to scan in your paperwork. I have had to delete some information from these images for security reasons.

As it stand the Iphone 4 and Iphone 4S are the best phones to use for the mobile scanning. However, there is a cheaper alternative for those who don’t want to spend 300-500$ on these phones. The Samsung Infuse being one of the cheaper alternatives we have found out has been taking good quality images. And also the HTC Evo is second in line to the Infuse producing an acceptable quality image.


Here are is an image from I believe the first generation Droid phone. This image from the first generation droid phone is obviously less than acceptable.

The next image you are going to view is from the HTC Sensation the imaging on this phone has been declared one of the worst phones to use.

You can see how it has a “peppery” texture to it and the left side of the document is cut off.

The next image we are going to view is the Verizon Bionic. As you can see in this image the document is cut off on the left significantly this is due to the cropping agent that the Bionic uses and isn’t compatible with the Trippak Application.

This next image is from an Iphone 3GS, as you can see the images are not that bad but the attention to the fine print is blurry and unreadable. This would not “fly” with the government department if you were trying to get billed for a Government Load. Still not a horrible image.

The next image we are going to be viewing is from an HTC Evo from Sprint. It is a clearer image than most other Droid based phones and is almost in comparison to the Iphone4.

You can see from these images from the HTC Evo that cropping needs to be done a little better, and the attention to the fine print is not of the best quality. There still maybe some difficulty getting this to “fly” with the Government Dept. but still one of the better phones to have for scanning.

Next we are going to see some images from the Iphone4.

On the images produced by the Iphone4 you can see the attention to the finer print on the BOL is a little clearer than the other phones. Still,  the image is slightly blurry, but who can hold a phone and keep absolutely still while trying to take a picture.

And the last one we have for now is the Samsung Infuse this is just a Mercer cover sheet but you can see how crisp the image being produced is, after it passes through the Trippak Database. It is a very nice clean image, provided one has the proper lighting and phone angle.

 Here is some additional information for those of you using smart phones to scan in paperwork. I have found out that by tapping the screen of the phone to focus the image in a darker area of the screen such as a shadow, the camera will refocus with a brighter contrast. Also speaking with the imaging department when we have documents come to us with a “peppery’ texture to it, that is related to insufficient light. Trippak will take those shadows that are on the image and try to make an image out of it, hence the “peppery” texture. Another helpful tip to keep in mind that if you are trying to take a picture of a document with the truck running those vibrations will distort the image of the document as well. I do realize that it is impossible to keep absolutely still while trying to take these pictures but the less vibrations and movements you have the better quality image you are going to produce.

Any thing you can do to prevent creating a shadow on the image (eg. a stand alone clipboard, a piece of poster board placing the document on a white background so as not to get any dark-colored images in the background.) will help with the quality of the image. As far as Government billing goes it maybe in your best interest to go to a truck stop and scan it in, or if you have the computer scanner setup in your truck use that instead of the phone. It would just prevent delay on getting billed and finding out down the road that you didn’t get paid on it, and have to go back and scan it in again.

I hope this information is understandable to those of you reading this. If you have any questions about it Jason and I are waiting on the edge of our seats to answer any questions you might have.

Have a nice day and, GO MERCER!

  1. wayne dollar
    November 3, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    I fixed my scanning problems with a row of stamps

  2. terry wilkinson
    November 6, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    this scanning deal is really getting bad.ive been put out of service several times because it seems someone in the office cant ever find my maint reports i do my job and still put out of service.but u know its always the drivers fault.

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