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Upcoming Driver Appreciation Events

Every fall, Mercer hosts several driver appreciation events. If you’re in the neighborhood, remember to stop by and say hello. There will be free food and door prizes for CDL holders.

 Event Schedule:

SEPT 27 – TA Travel Center, Wildwood FL (I-75, Exit 329)

OCT. 7&8 – Charlotte, N.C.

OCT. 11 – Duncan, S.C. @ T-A

OCT.13 – Mabene, N.C. @ PETRO

OCT.18 – Florence, S.C. @ T-A

OCT.19 – Manning, S.C. @ T-A

OCT 25 – Savannah, GA @ T-A

OCT.26 – Kingsland,GA @ T-A

NOV.2 – Reddick, FL @ PETRO

NOV.3 – Wildwood, FL @ T-A

NOV. 8 – Tampa, FL @ T-A

NOV. 10 – Vero Beach, FL @T-A

DEC. 6&7 – Cullman, AL @ Dodge City Travel Center


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