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Most of you faithful blog followers know about the piece of steel from the World Trade Center, that is resting on Mercer grounds at the Bill Howard Memorial Park.  It is a great honor for everyone affiliated with Mercer that we have been given the opportunity to showcase a piece of American history.  It reminds me everyday how many people sacrifice their lives to protect us.

Just this past weekend, my seven-year old son, and I visited the park at Mercer, and I took the opportunity teach him about where the piece of steel came from.  I explained to him what a tragic day it was for all Americans.  I then asked him to stand next to the steel, so I could take his picture next to it.  As I took the picture, I soon realized, that maybe my son is still a little too young to fully understand, because he had a huge smile on his face.  For me, it is impossible to smile when thinking of that day.  But I will hold on to that picture to show him as he gets older, and can fully grasp what a terrible act of hate that was 9/11.

We all are aware that this weekend is the 10th anniversary of that terrible day.  Many events are taking place in cities all across the country.  Here in Louisville, hundreds of people will gather at Waterfront Park to display American flags, and have a swearing-in ceremony for new citizens.  Mercer employees plan to be a part of these events.

This week, Mercer has loaded our steel monument onto one of our trailers, and we have taken it to local schools in the city, to allow young students see the remains up close and personal.  Hopefully seeing the piece of steel will make that day a little more personal with them, and teach them that our freedom isn’t free.  Hopefully, most of all, it will help them “Never Forget” all of the families that lost loved ones, and the brave emergency responders that we lost that day.  And also, remember all of our soldiers that have worked hard to protect our families since that day.  God bless, and GO MERCER!


  1. Debbie
    September 9, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    Thank You Jason!

    I was so happy to see the pictures of Mercers beam. What an honor. I am so glad that Mercer is sharing the beam with others. Mercer is a Great Company and all of the people with Mercer make Mercer great! Thank You Mercer for all you do for us and everyone. I would love to see the picture of your son at the beam someday.

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