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TripPak Mobile App

Above you can see a log sheet that we received via the TripPak mobile app, for smartphones.  It is obviously a very poor image and is a big reason why the logs department is a little slower these days.  When a log like this comes in, our scanning system can not read it, of course, and we have to manually enter all of the info into the computer system, which takes more time.

Not all of our images that we are receiving from the mobile app look like this.  We are getting many good quality images from the app.  So I am going to give you a few tips to help improve your images.

Last week we tested 4 different phones with the mobile app.  Those 4 included an Apple iphone 4, Sprint HTC EVO, Samsung Galaxy, and a Droid X.  We actually had some pretty good results.  Out of those 4 phones, the EVO, iphone, and Galaxy all produced close to the same quality image.  The Droid X, however, produced the worst images out of the 4, and for some reason, it sent random images through sideways.  I know a lot of you have the Droid X.  Unfortunately, we did everything we could to get a good image from that phone, but didn’t have much luck.

As for a couple of tips, it is very important to make sure the document is flat.  We have seen some scans that look like the page was resting on someones lap, and the image looked like your face does when you look in those funny mirrors at the circus.

Right before you take your image, on most phones, you can tap the middle of the screen, and the camera will focus.  We used this option and it seemed to help a lot.  A steady hand goes a long way too.  If your hand is shaking when you take the picture, you are guaranteed a blurry image.

The most important tip I can give, is use the crop feature.  Just after taking your image, the app will place a yellow box over the picture, and allow you to crop or cut your image.  With most phones, when you crop the picture, then review it, the picture doesn’t appear cropped.  But when we get the image here, it is cropped.  If you notice in the picture above, the image was not cropped, and you can see the driver’s dashboard in the background.  The more “stuff” that is in the background, the more distorted the image will be.  The crop feature does work, and it is a very important piece in producing a good image.

Some of you out there that are using the smartphone app have sent some images that we could not accept, and have become a little frustrated when you are asked to resend images.  Using the mobile app allows you to send your paperwork at anytime, without dragging out your laptop and scanner, or going into the truck stop.  But a little time and effort does need to go into the picture taking process.  Below, I am going to show you the images we took with the different phones.  We sent test images of cover sheets, GBL’s, and logs.  I will show you what the cover sheet looks like since I don’t want to post the GBL online.  Remember that the cover sheet is NOT needed with the mobile app.  I was just using it for a test document.

Galaxy S

Iphone 4




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