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Good morning from Mercertown!  I hope that all of you are ready for the long weekend.  So far, trip scanning has been going pretty well.  A couple of speed bumps here and there, but it seems like things are going as planned.  It is going so well, in fact, that we will be ready to accept scans from the TripPak Mobile smartphone app on the first of June (next Wednesday)!

Just to highlight a few issues we are having:

Put your unit # and trip # on all paperwork, and yes, we still need delivery receipts.  We have not changed the way we process your paperwork.  We have only changed the way we receive it.

When scanning, please review your documents thoroughly.  If they are not legible on your screen, they won’t be legible on ours either.  We continue to receive paperwork that is barely legible.  Especially logs. 

When scanning with the smartphone app, here are a few tips.  

Prop your paperwork upright, and take the image in a well lit area.  If you lay your paperwork flat, and hold your hand over it to take a photo, it will cause a “shadowing” effect on the image and make it harder to see.  

Make sure your hand is steady.  If your hand is shaking, the picture will be blurry, and hard to read.

Make very sure that you take the photo of your document “dead on”, and verify that it is straight up and down before sending.  For example, if you look at a log sheet, there are small black boxes on the sides of the page.  These boxes have to be as straight up and down on the page as possible.

Scan all documents before hitting the send button.  DO NOT scan one page, hit send, another page, hit send, etc.  

That’s it for now…Have a good day, and GO MERCER!

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