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Trip Scanning Directions

We are going to start receiving scans at noon today, so I wanted to repost some basic directions of each scanning method.

Good morning ladies, and gentleman!  Last week I sent out an email about our new Trip Scanning options.  Hopefully you have received that (sent to all email accounts of contractor web users).  If not, I will take some time in this post to thoroughly explain each option.

For those of you that have not seen our previous posts or email, effective May 1st, Mercer Contractors may begin to use TripPak Scanning, or Transflo to electronically submit shipping documents, logs, and all other documents to Mercer headquarters.  Contractors will have several different options to send this paperwork into Mercer:

1.  Contractors will utilize Truck Stop Scanning to send in paperwork.  TripPak Scanning is available at all Petro and T/A locations, and Transflo is available at all Flying J, Pilot, and Love’s locations.

2.  Drivers can use the In-Cab scanning option.  A computer, internet access, and a scanner can be used inside the truck to scan and transmit copies of all paperwork to headquarters.

3.  TripPak Mobile is the third option, and maybe the most convenient.  Contractors that own a smartphone can download the TripPak Mobile app, and then use the app to take images of their documents and send them to Mercer.

Mercer will begin utilizing these options in May.  We will not accept any scans before May 1st.  As we start to scan, we will also work towards transitioning away from using TripPak envelopes.  We will cease using TripPak envelopes sometime in late June.  After June 30th, TripPak envelopes will not be delivered to Mercer.

Since this email was sent, I have received a ton of questions about how to use each option.  I will take some time, and give a detailed description on how to use each scanning option below.  So read carefully!  If you have any further questions, make a comment in the comment section below.

In – Cab Scanning

TripPak’s In-Cab scanning option will allow you to scan your documents in the cab of your truck, and send those docs to Mercer headquarters.  To do this, you will need a computer, mobile internet access, and a scanner.  If you are interested in purchasing a scanner, TripPak suggests their portable scanner, model 467 (we have them in the company store).  You can use other scanners though.  If you currently have a scanner in the truck, or you are interested in purchasing one, just make sure it is “TWAIN” compatible.  Most of the scanners that were made within the past decade are.

Once you have everything, you will have to download the TripPak In-Cab software.  Click on this link to do so:  https://cap.trippak.com/updates/TripPakScanningMobileScanning_Setup.exe

Once you download, and install this software on your computer, open the program.  Once the TripPak screen is displayed on your computer, click on the “Registration” tab at the top of the screen.  Enter your name, email, and phone number, and you will also need to enter Mercer’s customer code, which is MCER.  Once you submit, you should be registered with TripPak to scan, and you will then need to set up your scanner.

Next go to the “Tools” tab, and select “Scanner Compatibility Test”.  If you do not have the TripPak scanner, you can use this tool to make sure your scanner is compatible with the software.  Once you have determined that your scanner is compatible, click on “Tools”, and select “Scanning Device Selector”.  A small drop down box will appear with your scanning device listed.  Make sure the right device is selected.

Now you are ready to scan!  We will be scanning all documents, including logs, maint. reports, annual reviews, and especially, your trip documents.  You will place documents in your scanner, and simply hit the “Scan” button.  If you have more than one document to scan, repeat this step until everything is scanned in.  Once all of your documents are scanned, you can click on the “Next” and “Previous” buttons to cycle through and view your documents.  Look at each document, and make sure they are all legible.  You can use the “Lighter” and “Darker” buttons at the bottom to change the contrast of the image.  If a document did not scan correctly, simply hit the delete button, and rescan your document.

Once everything is scanned, you can then hit the “Send Now” button to transmit the documents to TripPak.  TripPak will then transmit the documents to Mercer, and we will begin processing your paperwork for pay.  You will be charged 8 cents per page for every page actually sent.  This amount will come out of your settlement.  Please remember that we are not ready to receive scanned paperwork yet!  We are just putting this info out so you can download and setup this software now, and be prepared.  We should be ready to receive scans the first week of May.  I will post some info as we get closer to that date to let you know when to scan.  If you scan and send your paperwork before that date, we will not process it for pay, and you will probably have a significant fee attached.  Again, I will let you know the day that we are ready to accept these scans!

Follow this link to watch a video demo of TripPak In-Cab Scanning:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcQGanaJszc

TripPak Mobile

If you have an Iphone, or a Droid based smartphone, you can utilize TripPak Mobile.  With this option, you do not need a scanner, or computer.  You can use your smartphone to take a picture of your paperwork, and then transmit your documents to TripPak through their app.

You can click on this link: http://trippak.com/mobile.asp , and get some more information on what phones will work.  If you have a compatible smartphone, you can simply download the TripPak Mobile app, from your app store, and follow the steps to scan your paperwork.  Once you have the app, you will have to register through TripPak.  Click on the register button, and enter all of your information, along with Mercer’s customer code – MCER.  With this option, you will be charged 12 cents per page sent, through your settlements.

This will be a very easy option for you if you have a smartphone.  Some people have questioned the quality of the images with this option.  We have tested it some, and things look good so far.  Here is a hint though.  When you are taking a picture of your documents with this app, try not to lay the document down and hold your hand over the page while taking a picture.  This will create a lot of shadowing on the page, and make it hard to read.  If you can prop your documents up, and take a picture of them in a well-lit area, we should be able to read them just fine.  You will be able to crop, and change the brightness of the images with the TripPak Mobile app.

This option will not be active for a while.  We plan to start In cab, and truck stop scanning at the beginning of May.  We will not be ready to receive paperwork from TripPak Mobile for a few weeks after. We want to be able to work out any glitches in the system before we get them all rolling.  I will post the date that we are ready to start using this application as we get closer.  If you plan to use this option, continue using TripPak envelopes, or Truck Stop Scanning (explained below) until we are ready.  

Here is a video demo of TripPak Mobile:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtmxfU6X_Lo&feature=related

Truck Stop Scanning – TripPak Scanning / Transflo

If you do not have a computer and a scanner in the truck, nor do you have a compatible smartphone, you will have to use our Truck Stop Scanning option.  With truck stop scanning,you simply take your documents, along with a Mercer cover sheet, and use the scanning kiosks at the truck stop to scan and send your documents to Mercer.  

We will offer both of the most popular services to do this.  TripPak Scanning is available at every T/A, and Petro.  Transflo is available at ever Flying J, Pilot, and Love’s.  However this is the more expensive option for our contractors.  TripPak scanning is 20 cents per image, with no minimums, and Transflo is 19 cents per image, with a 4 page minimum, and if you do not use a Mercer cover sheet, they will charge an additional 50 cents.

There are detailed directions on the cover sheet that you will have to use while scanning at the truck stop, and you can get that cover sheet by clicking here MCER Truck Stop Scanning Cover Sheet.  We will be ready to start this sometime within the first week of May.  We will post another blog when we are ready to start.

You can use all three of these scanning options to send all of your documents to Mercer.  Once we receive these documents electronically, we will process them just the same way that we always have.  You do not have to send us any original copies of any paperwork, unless we tell you we need original paperwork when you are offered a load.  If for some reason we do need originals, send them with our prepaid usps envelopes.  Again, do not send us originals, unless we tell you ahead of time to do so.  Since you will not have to wait for an envelope to arrive, you should actually receive your settlements even faster than before.

If you experience any problems during this process, you can contact TripPak customer service at Helptpo@trippak.com, or call 877-435-7876.

Below, I am going to link several pages of instructions to utilize all of these scanning options.  Have a great day and GO MERCER!

TripPak IN-CAB Scanning

TripPak Truck Stop Scanning – Resources and Instructions


  1. Sarah Colvill unit 12221
    May 18, 2011 at 11:32 am

    When I go to the tools menu there is no option of “Scanner Compatibility Test” for me to select.

  2. james s
    May 19, 2011 at 8:47 am

    I had the same trouble with my hp 4600.I called trip pack help line & after explaining the problem they had tech support call me. you have to have internet net access so they can go into your computer to fix the program. it took about 1 hour. used mine yesterday works great. got payed in about 1 hour.

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