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WHAT’S MY SCORE ????????????????????

As hopefully everybody in Mercertown knows, on December 15, 2010 we changed our safety scoring system to include the point component in CSA. Motor carriers must stay below the CSA thresholds set by the FMCSA. These are based upon accidents and roadside inspections. They are updated monthly. Carriers who exceed thresholds are subject to more frequent roadside inspections and a progressive series of interventions by FMCSA. Each motor carrier must decide what policy it will use to stay below the thresholds. The FMCSA doesn’t tell us HOW to do it, just that we MUST do it. They have, however, established the point values for the various roadside inspection violations.

Mercer’s system encompasses a variety of factors, including the CSA scoring values. However, there are other factors we consider. These items include moving violation CONVICTIONS, preventable accidents, road surveys, additional training and clean inspections. On our system, credit is given for clean inspections, clean road surveys and additional training. It is possible to have a negative (credit) point score. A number of our drivers do.

We are in the process of converting the files of more than 2,000 drivers to the new system. Nearly 25% have already been done and letters have been sent to the drivers. That means we still have some 1,500 to review and score. It is a tedious process. Luckily, I am blessed to have two of the best people in the business, Michelle Scott and Chasity Galey, helping me with it. Michelle compiles the relevant scoring data for my review. Chasity gets the letters out. These ladies are working pretty long and intense hours to get through this project as rapidly and accurately as possible. Thank them when you see them.

We are scoring drivers in the following order: 1) When you get a DOT inspection; 2) If you have a preventable accident; 3) When you submit your annual review. The rest are worked into the stack. If you are a low profile driver, which includes more than 50% of our drivers, it may be another month or so before you get scored. If you don’t have any tickets or preventable accidents and have clean inspections, don’t worry about it. If you get a letter to the house with a negative number on it, don’t have your wife or significant other go into attack mode with me on the phone. A negative (credit) score is a good thing. Once we get everyone changed over, it will be possible to call or go online and get your score. We are not to that point yet so everyone needs to be patient and just keep getting clean inspections.

We will be offering additional training that drivers can use to reduce their Mercer scores. Currently, an Alabama coil certificate will earn you a ten point credit on our system. We are reviewing more online training options which may be available later this year. In addition, if you are planning on attending the Mid-America Trucking Show this year, we will be offering three one-hour seminars on Wednesday, March 30 which will run from 1:30 to 5:00 PM. Attending drivers will receive a ten point credit for each one they attend. They will be consecutive, so a driver will be able to attend all three. I will do one on CSA, our insurance company loss control rep will be doing one on driver injury prevention, and someone from FMCSA will discuss how to conduct yourself for best results during a DOT inspection. The goal of all of our training credit offerings is not merely to improve your score, it is to make you better. That makes Mercer better.

Don’t be afraid of CSA. Embrace it. Remember, 50% of our fleet has no problem with it. They run at or below the speed limit, log completely legal, correctly secure their cargo, and keep their truck and trailer in top shape. Take your time, check and double check, always wear your seatbelt. Be safe.

  1. milt oneill
    March 9, 2011 at 10:14 am

    Len: Just a thought for you. Doing a video that could be used later of these sessions, would be nice. They could be checked out from truck inspections and viewed in the TV rooms or our trucks. Even if no points were given for this viewing it would help us out, a review of policies and safe practices will aways help rejuvinate the gray matter!

  2. Len Dunman
    March 9, 2011 at 11:42 am

    Might be a good idea, Milt. I think in my case we’d have to hire an actor…don’t think there is enough makeup to clean me up. You guys are still giving me grief over the safety video at Performance Pipe! After I get all of you guys scored and this thing is finally up and running, you will probably see some online training (credit points) options available. I have Jason working on that now. I do not want to knock folks out over CSA. I want Mercer drivers to master it as we do everything else. We will be the gold standard, although it will be a bit messy getting there. However, it is what it is and everyone must buy into it 100%, regardless of what motor carrier they are with.

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