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The state of Indiana has been given the authority to access transportation companies civil penalties when a truck is running an oversize load but does not adhere to the state requirements on the permit. The first offense is $500 and each subsequent offense is $1000.00. Any truck hauling an oversize load without a permit is fined $5000.00.

Recently, a Mercer contractor was running an oversize load in Indiana but failed to sign his permit. This is considered a violation. Because this is our first offense, Indiana graciously declined to fine us but sent us a warning letter. Our next offense will be $500 and any after that will be $1000.00.

If you are considering taking an oversize load through Indiana, be sure you follow all the directions on your permit. If any fines are accessed to Mercer, they will be charged to the offending driver.



  1. Garry Boss
    February 2, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    It’s all about money, it’s time we all go home and the shippers and rec. move there on freight.

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