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Us here at Mercertown are getting ready to head out for Christmas.  Before we go, it looks like the new proposal for the Hours of Service has been released.  Here is the link so you can check out the proposal:  http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/rules-regulations/topics/hos-proposed/hos-proposed.aspx

Check it out, and Len and I will discuss these proposed changes next week.  Have a safe, and very merry Christmas Mercer family!

    January 4, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    As i understand the new HOS rules nothing has changed or will change or go into affect untill 2014 is this an accurate statement???? The only rule that changed and goes into affect this year is the ON DUTY time. Current rule states that all time other than sleeper birth shall be considerd as ON DUTY TIME. The NEW change states that now anytime in a PARKED CMV shall NOT be considered as ON DUTY TIME. Meaning that you are now allowed to sit in the drivers seat or passanger seat to read, write, do paperwork, relax or waiting on shippers / recievers to load or unload without it being considerd as ON DUTY TIME as long as the CMV is NOT MOVING. (EXAMPLE) You arrive to load or unload, you check in and while the shipper or reciever is either loading or unloading youre truck and as long as youre not needed to assist in the loading / unloading prosess you are now allowed to sit inside your cab for as long as it takes to complete the task without it being concidered as ON DUTY TIME but all other duties involving the CMV such as driver assist loading / unloading, repairs,inpections,driving,fueling,securment of load, tarping ect ect shall remain the same & now up to 2hrs are allowed to be calculated into the off duty time if the CMV is moving and youre sitting in the passanger seat (TEAM OPERATIONS ONLY) will benifit from this certain rule admendment. Is this an accurate assesment of the new HOS rules so far??? I also understand that we keep our 10hr sleeper,11hr driving, 14hr on duty time & 34hr restart with a few changes to the 11hr & 34hr restart that will go into affect i believe in 2014. Other than these things & deadlines of rules to take affect everthing is still preety much the same & bussiness as normal is this correct or have i missed something or gotten it wrong alltogether??? Please clarify excactly whats new verses the same and when & were the new rules are applicable & the time or dates each rule is to be in affect. I have seen the links & read the posts as well as seen the trucking papers but its still a little confusing to what excatly has changed or when it goes into affect. Exsamples of each new rule in a real time senario would be helpfull just so i know excatly what, when, were, and how each new rule applies to a real world inviroment. Thanks alot

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