On December 12 the FMCSA went live with CSA. It will replace the SafeStat program and, as readers of the blog all know, it is calls for absolute compliance with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Warnings are not “freebies”……they count, both against the driver and the motor carrier’s safety record. Motor carrier roadside inspection history is scored every month by the FMCSA. Motor carriers are required to score below the established thresholds in seven areas (Basics) or face increased roadside inspections and progressively harsh interventions by FMCSA.

Mercer’s Safety Policy has been revised to reflect the CSA environment. All Mercer drivers and contractors will be receiving letters outlining our new scoring system. It will begin January 1. And yes, it will be tougher. CSA is tougher than SafeStat. While I do not discuss any specific Mercer policies on the blog, it is fair to tell drivers that if you drive at or below the posted speed limit, log completely legal, properly secure cargo and are diligent about maintaining your equipment, you will not have a problem with the new Mercer Safety Policy or with CSA in general. If you can’t, or won’t, do those four things you will have a problem staying at Mercer, or anywhere else. CSA will not run drivers out of business. Non-compliance with CSA will. That’s the way it is and I can’t sugarcoat that fact.

I urge everyone to spend some good holiday time with family and friends, relax, and be ready to start 2011 at the top of your game. Mercer drivers are the best, and everyone knows how to do it right.

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