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Wow, where has Fall gone???? I haven’t had much time to blog since the travel schedule has been pretty heavy lately. Still have three or four more trips to do before Christmas. This coming Monday and Tuesday, November 15-16 I will be at the TPA office in Plant City, FL doing Louisville inspections. This is the last LKY field inspection trip this year. If you need one, and prefer not to come to Louisville, see me down there 7:30-5:00 both days. Will also be doing Hazmat recerts.

Those of you who read the newsletter last week know that I am working on revisions to Mercer’s Safety Policy. The new policy will be a blend of our current practice and the addition of a CSA point component. I expect to complete it in December and have a mailing to all drivers. It will be implemented in January. If you still have problems with warnings for speeding, logs not current, load securement or any out of service items, now is the time to clean up your act. Writeups affect Mercer’s safety rating under the CSA format and we will not be able to keep folks who can’t get it right. The stuff you can control you’ve got to control. This stuff is serious business and the policy revisions will reflect that. We’ll be fair, but it’s going to be tough on folks who are still trying to push it too far. Warnings count, and not in a good way. No tickets, no warnings, clean inspections: That is what CSA means for motor carriers and drivers. Be smart. Be safe.

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