We are still seeing a lot of truck/trailer/cargo theft throughout the country right now.  Drivers need to continue to be very cautious about where they are parking their equipment.  Make sure that you are parking the truck in high traffic areas.  Much of the theft we are hearing about is occurring in the Midwest.  Here are just a couple of examples:

Trans United – Last location was at Crazy Ed’s T/S, exit 56, Niota, TN on June 01, 2010. The TR unit# 725, a 4 axle white Peterbilt with thin Red & Blue stripes conventional tractor with IN license # 415128. Also missing is a 48’ 2009 Transcraft step deck trailer, our unit # 6115, black in color, license # U104147 TN.

Bestway Express – Tractor stolen last Monday, June 7th, 2010. 2000 Red Freightliner Century Class, last seen in Olney, Illinois. s/n 1fuysdzb4ylf11936, Indiana license 174145, unit number 342.

Also please keep an eye out for a Ford F250 that is pulling a small boat.  The truck is clearly marked “Truston Technologies”, and it was recently stolen near the airport in Philadelphia, PA.  It is believed that the truck and boat may be headed towards the Gulf Coast region.

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