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Thursday, I spent most of my afternoon watching an online webcast about CSA 2010.  I know that we have blogged you to death about this deal, and it looks like I have several months to continue to do so.

The webcast was hosted by J.J. Keller, which has a ton of information on there website at http://www.jjkeller.com/CSA_2010/csa2010.htm.

The biggest surprise for me about this whole program is the points system.  I can’t remember if I have linked this before, but here is the link to the CSA 2010 Safety Measurement System (SMS) http://csa2010.fmcsa.dot.gov/Documents/SMSMethodology.pdf (need Adobe reader to view).  It is a must read, because it will show you every point value for any possible violation.

The method of figuring the total points for a violation surprised me a bit.  As you look through the SMS, you can see point values for every violation.  What you may not realize is that point value will not be the total points assessed to you.  For example:  Say you get hit with a False Log violation on your inspection report.  The point value for “False report of drivers record of duty status” (395.8e) is 7 points.  Take the 7 point penalty, and add 2 more points for being shut down OOS.  So now you have 9 points.  The 9 points are then multiplied by 1, 2, or 3, depending on the time frame in which the violation occurred.  If the violation occurred within 0-12 months ago, then it is multiplied by 3, 12-24 months is multiplied by 2, and 24-36 months is multiplied by 1.  So if this violation just occurred, you will multiply 9 by 3, and be assessed 27 points!  Your score will decrease by this scale as time goes on, until 36 months passes, and it comes off of your record.  If you look at the SMS, you will see how quickly points can accumulate.

Len has some extremely helpful tips on how to reduce your daily risk.  Read back on some of our earlier posts here, if you haven’t already.  Any other questions, look for my email on the right side of the blog page.  Stay safe!

  1. Milt O'Neill
    February 8, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    You might want to start talking about the medical issuses, as it will affect a large portion of the fleet, so contractors will not get flat footed. To wait for the final notice to come out will be worse than waiting for csa2010 to come out!

  2. Eddie Tucker
    February 9, 2010 at 7:10 am

    I’ve talked with several drivers about csa 2010 and most didn’t know that it’s retroactive. What happen a year ago will effect them still.

    • Jason Schaftlein
      February 9, 2010 at 8:11 am

      That’s right Eddie. When this thing kicks off, which will be middle to late this year, they will go back to the start of 2009 to compile their stats! Good point Eddie.

  3. Milt O'Neill
    February 9, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Having read a lot of the 2010 items, where it’s possible to get double and triple points for the same infraction [then multiply by the severity factor] brings forth a question. What is Mercers point policy? To be called to Louisville per previous blogs for an inspection deficiency, [headlights blow at times when you dip your lights to let a driver know it is safe to return to the lane in front of you] as a universal rule, without considering the situation [stone chip in winter where sand is used for traction, i.e. like Oklahoma, then go into a scale house and suprise!]. Just an input for consideration. It would be nice for Mercer to tell us what point levels will put our contract in jepordy. It is plain for all to see by these blogs that no points is the wish and desire, but everyone that has used a wrench, electrical meter, driven or owned a truck, or works for a truck company realizes that NO truck or trailer will ever be perfect. Also realizing that most violations are in the word/opion of the officer, while some are cut and dried. Having been an operator, repair technician, and inspector for over 25 years prior to driving trucks, this universal rule [nothing that that is man made will ever be perfect] isn’t just in the trucking world.

    • Jason Schaftlein
      February 9, 2010 at 10:07 pm

      Hey Milt, good comments. A “point policy” is being discussed, and I am sure that Uncle Lennie will notify us all soon. The tough part is the point system for a carrier is much more complicated than an individual driver. We have to first figure out where we stand as a carrier, before we can determine the limits of our drivers point totals.

      We know every truck/trailer/driver is not perfect. We really just want to focus on minimizing bad inspections. We feel like education of CSA 2010 is the biggest part of minimizing risk. Keep the great input coming!

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