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I was sitting at my 5-year-old son’s Christmas Concert the other night.  Nothing like 90 five-year olds singing Christmas songs.  That’s what I love about him going to a Catholic school…they can talk and sing about Jesus all they want to.  They actually sang “Happy Birthday” to Jesus.  Can’t find that in a public school anymore!  So Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope that everyone is safe and in good company this weekend!

– I do want to say that I still hear that some guys have the wrong idea about CSA 2010.  Some people think that Mercer is the bad guy in all of this, and that we are the one that is “dropping the hammer” on you.  Fact is, if you have too many strikes against you under CSA 2010’s new rules, then Mercer, or any other company for that matter will have no choice but to cancel your lease.  Too many violations, and you will be uninsurable, and unemployable, anywhere.  We have no control over that.  The only factor in all of this that we have control over is keeping you compliant, safe, and violation free.  We can only try to educate you about CSA 2010 as much as we can, so you will be prepared for it.  We want you all to be successful here, and we want you all to stay leased here for a very long time.  That’s why Uncle Lennie and I are really trying to drive this home.

– I am hearing news today that Arrow Trucking has closed it’s doors.  Sad to see trucking companies still going down, especially during the Holidays.  Arrow apparently just shut down, and told their drivers to find their way home.  I was told one of our drivers, Jim Show, unit 8389, helped feed a few of these guys today in West Memphis.  Big props on that!  Just further proves that we have the best Owner-Ops in the country.

– Mercer will be half staffed on Thursday, December 24th, and we will be closed on Friday, December 25th for Christmas.  If you are on a load for the long weekend, it is probably a good idea to get info and advances through your coordinator by end of business Wednesday.

– A Mercer contractor informed me of a lady who is trying to get people to sign up to be pen-pals to our troops overseas.  The email for this is letters-from-home@hotmail.com.

  1. John
    December 22, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    Have no fear,there is at least one public school system that still puts on a Christmas show like yours did.They also pledge allegiance to the flag under GOD.But I’m not telling anyone which school it is.The folks around here want to keep it the way it is.
    Merry Christmas(no X)

  2. gordon
    December 23, 2009 at 8:34 am

    For anyone who runs into those Arrow drivers, here is a link to a local Tulsa tv station. Click on the story and there is a link for several companies who are trying to help Arrow drivers.


  3. Dan and Jane Danger
    December 23, 2009 at 10:57 am

    It’s a sad scenerio in what Arrow Trucking has done this holiday season to its employees and its drivers. We have seen at least 3 while out here in CA this week still with loads on their truck and we’re sure at the time we saw them that they had no idea what was about to happen, as we were also shocked to hear this news. You can be assured that if we run across any of these drivers that we will help them the best that we can.

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