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Anyone running in Ontario beginning January 1 needs to be aware of a significant change in their securement regulations. As hopefully everyone out in flatbed land knows, straps and chains are marked with working load limits (WLL). Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations discuss securement requirements beginning with 49 CFR 393.100 through 136. In 49 CFR 393.108 there are tables showing WLL of various securement devices. Straps generally have a tag or a manufacturer’s stencil showing WLL and a stamp on the hook. Chains have a casting number on several of the links. Under 49 CFR 393.108 , it is specified that if working load limits were not marked on a securement device, then they revert to the tables to compute the WLL. This is generally the smallest WLL on the table for the device in question. This is what the CVSA has been using in both the US and Canada.

However, on January 1, Ontario is going in a new direction on this. If they can’t read or determine the WLL on a securement device, it is an Out of Service violation and the driver will have to replace it. No minimum chart value, no leeway. Out of Service, period.

It is important that anyone going into Ontario does an inventory of their securement devices and confirms that the WLL of each item can be determined by roadside inspectors. American drivers who cannot get clean Canadian inspections, particularly in Ontario, will be prohibited from going into Canada. Canadians who cannot get clean Canadian inspections may be joining the “Adieu” fleet.  The same is true with speed limiters. If you truck in Ontario, you’ve got to get it right. They don’t play. Be safe.

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