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CBP Announces Changes for Commercial Frequent Traveler Program Members

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) today announced that members of its Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program will not be able to use their old FAST cards in passenger lanes effective January 5, 2010.

CBP has been issuing new cards for current FAST members since March 16. The new cards have enhanced security features that allow U.S. citizen cardholders to comply with the documentary requirements under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI).  All members are requested to activate their new cards within 30 days by going to https://goes-app.cbp.dhs.gov/ and destroy their old ones.

If members have not received their new cards, they should go immediately to their local enrollment center to either pick up their new card or to apply to have a new card issued, which will take approximately seven to 10 business days to receive.

All old FAST cards will be deactivated January 5, 2010.  CBP officers will permit a one-time entry into the U.S. to travelers with old FAST cards, but will seize the card from the traveler and refer the member to the Enrollment Center.

The Free and Secure Trade program is available to commercial drivers crossing both the northern and southern borders.  Currently, the program has more than 92,000 members.

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