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Most of you have hauled military freight for Menlo Logistics lately.  Menlo has taken over the freight operations for many of the bases around the country that we haul freight into and out of.  They will continue to take over operations at more and more of these bases.  We have recently had some changes in the requirements for billing detention for shipments that we move for Menlo.  These requirements only apply to military loads handled by Menlo, and do not apply to all military freight.  You should see Menlo listed on your GBL, or your coordinator can let you know if your load is a Menlo shipment.

First of all, there are changes with the amount of free time that is given to Menlo.  The amount of free time is determined largely by what type of shipment that you have. 

  1. If you are loading vehicles – 3 hours
  2. Fully palletized shipments, 20,000 pounds and over –  2 Hours
  3. Tow-away (power only) shipments – 1 hour
  4. All other freight less than 3000 pounds – 1 hour
  5. All other freight  3000-10000 pounds – 2 hours
  6. All other freight 10000-20000 pounds – 3 hours
  7. All other freight 20000+ pounds – 4 hours

Documentation and Notification of Detention (DEP):

– Please note that the detention clock begins when the driver is on site and has checked in (with a responsible representative). As soon as it comes to our attention, we must notify Menlo of a potential detention issue. From that point, we are required to have the following:

  1. Bill of Lading signed by US GOVT representative
  2. Location
  3. Time arrived at dock for loading/unloading and location of dock (such as warehouse # or street address).
  4. Time departed dock and loading/unloading location.
  5. A detailed explanation, to include specific times and circumstances of the reason for detention and applicable contact information.

All of the requirements listed above, must be met for us to bill Menlo for detention time.

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