Canada Update

British Columbia now has longer wheelbase trip permits:

BC now offers trip permits for trucks with wheelbases over 244 inches but not exceeding 285 inches. The overall length still must not be more than 75 feet. This permit is NOT valid to transport any oversize/overweight loads. These vehicles are not permitted to transport any oversize/overweight loads at any time, there are no additional permits available.

The permit is $15.00 CN into BC and $15.00 CN out of BC. The permit is needed loaded or empty. The contractor will need to call the BC Provincial Permit Centre at 800-559-9688.

Trucks that may want to move loads to/from Alaska, may also want to be aware of this.

Ontario and Quebec speed limiters:

We have heard from two Mercer trucks about being checked for speed limiting. Both Mercer contractor where checked at a scale house. One Mercer contractor was fined $400.00 US in Quebec for not having his truck speed limited at 65mph. We also heard from another Mercer contractor who was check on Ontario. The contractors have told us that both provinces are steeping up their enforcement on speed limiters. If you truck wants to go to Ontario or Quebec, please make sure they are aware of the speed limiter law and that their tractors are set to go no more than 65mph.

Chain Laws:

With winter approaching, it is a good idea to remind the contractors that BC requires trucks to have chains from Nov 1 thru April 30 when in the mountains or if the roads have ice and/or snow in the highway surfaces. The provinces of AB, MB, and SK do not require chains but recommend having chains available. Newfoundland may require chains if conditions on specific roadways become ice and/or snow covered.

  1. Jimmy
    October 2, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    That is great news about B.C. I’ve flown to alaska and love it. But I’ve never been thru B.C. because my wheelbase is 270 and since my wife runs with me I’m not not getting a smaller truck. I don’t care to go in the winter, but next spring I’ll tell my coordinator to keep his eyes out for an alaska load. I’ll deadhead a long ways to get one.

    • Roger Osborn
      November 8, 2010 at 5:25 pm

      It is AWESOME

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