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Contractor Web Trailer Codes

The past few days, Heidi and I have fielded several calls asking about the trailer codes on the Contractor Web.  Just what does FTAW mean anyway?  There are a lot of trailer codes in our system, and some agents use different variations of the same codes, so it can get rather confusing.  I am going to give you a list of all trailer codes below.  Remember, if you see a code on the Contractor Web that you are unfamiliar with, click on the order # and you will see a better definition at the top of the screen. 

Trailer Codes:

F – Flatbed

D or SD- Stepdeck

FD – Flat or Step

DX or SDX – Stepdeck w/40 foot or bigger bottom deck

FDX – Flatbed or Stedeck w/40 foot or bigger bottom deck

V – Van

K or DD – Double Drop, RGN

FV – Conestoga

You can add any of the following to the above trailer codes if needed

P – Stretch Trailer

Z – 3 Axle Trailer

A – Air Ride

T – Team Operation

S – Side Kit

W – 102′ Wide

B – Drom Box

8 – 48′ Trailer Required

3 – 53′ Trailer Required

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