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Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop a quick note in here about the website. We’ve been getting some really cool trucks submitted to www.showusyourtruck.com but most of them are from guys that are NOT at Mercer. GET YOUR TRUCKS ON THE SITE!!!! We started this site so we could show off our fleet but it is turning into a showcase for other peoples trucks. Don’t let those other guys show us up; Spread the word and get thoses rigs submitted. Let’s show the nation what a great looking fleet of trucks Mercer has!

  1. Debbie
    May 26, 2009 at 10:44 am

    Hi I have talked to other Mercer drivers who say they have posted pictures of there trucks and dont see the pictures any more. We all just think they were not winners. Do we have to send more pictures? I think some trucks sent more then one month and nothing. We talked about why we didnt get picked and other company trucks did. Not sure. I know no one was upset about not being picked but now I see where you want Mercer drivers to enter. Please let us know. I think 7013 Donna & Curtis Ofarrells truck is beautiful and if I was picking I would have picked theres a long time ago. Thank You

  2. johannalynninman
    May 26, 2009 at 11:23 am

    Hi Debbie! Thanks for your comment. Maybe I can clear up any problems people have experienced.

    Every truck that has successfully entered the contest has been featured on the website under the “gallery” tab. Once someone submits a truck, it will remain featured under the month they’ve submitted, and we rarely delete a truck from the gallery. I oversee every entry and publish them to the site, and submissions are only deleted if there was a problem uploading the file and the photo is corrupted or if the entry is spam or obsene. If someone submits a corrupted entry or if the photo is blurry or too small, I call them and help them through the process.

    Some people have had trouble uploading photos. If the photo is too large, the server kicks it back and the entry form freezes. In this case, we never receive their entry. It says on the rules page that photos must be 400 pixels. I not, we can’t guarantee that the site can handle the size. If you have successfully submitted an entry, you will see a “thank you” page notifying you that your entry was submitted. If anyone has problems submitting an entry, they may call me – I am happy to walk anyone through the process. In the past, I have taken photos myself on the lot, scanned mailed-in entries and submitted photos myself from emailed photos. I can be reached at 502-333-6381 or Mercer Ext. 6381 or by email (jinman@mercer-trans.com.)

    Regardless as to whether you win or not, if you submitted your truck, it is featured on the site under “Gallery”.

    We only choose two winners each month. Because the contest is open to everyone, we choose one Mercer winner and one “Best of the Rest” winner. We have never picked another company truck over a Mercer truck, because it is divided into separate categories. We believe this is fair. There is a Mercer winner every month, no matter what. Winners are chosen according to the criteria on the rules page:

    “A panel of judges, selected at the sole discretion of Mercer, will select one winning truck in each category, that best represents the category, from all of the photo entries received for each respective category. The person submitting the winning entry in each category will be deemed a winner. Judging will be based on the truck’s overall appearance in the photograph(s) and extra points will be credited for classic styling.”

    If anyone has any more questions or needs help submitting a photo, please give us a call! I hope this helps.

    Johanna Inman
    web admin. @ Showusyourtruck.com
    Ext. 6381

  3. William Doyle
    December 1, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    Johanna ,
    Hi, my name is William Doyle. The last time I talked to you, was one of the coolest days of
    my life. I had just found out that I was the winner of April 2009, Best of The Rest. My truck was a 1976 Kenworth called “Old School”. A month after winning, “Old School” got 5 tons of asphalt droped on it. So I had lost my pictures and I was wondering how I can get back to the
    galary, so I can get the pictures of my truck. I am looking forward to your reply and Thank You..

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